Nutrient Deficiency - Food Matters Mastery S1:Ep3

Nutrient Deficiency - Food Matters Mastery S1:Ep3

Image by ja ma and Unsplash

In this video you’ll discover: - The causes of depression (nutrient deficiency) - How a deficiency of Vitamin B3 can cause dermatitis, diarrhoea, dementia and eventually death - The story of how they treated pellagra in the deep south with Vitamin B3 - The difference between a nutrient deficiency and nutrient dependency - How Dr. Abram Hoffer is treating Dementia, psychosis and schizophrenia - Nutrient deficiencies leading to behavioural problems - Pottengers cats story (raw food and cooked food experiment fed to cats) - What foods to eat and supplements to take to beat depression (plus dosing strategy for using Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C) - The full story from the depressed lady in the ‘Food Matters’ film - The mood elevating effects of Vitamins C and anti-depressant foods containing tryptophan (2 handfuls of cashews providing the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of prozac) This segment is part of Food Matters Mastery

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